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Receive a sine wave FMCOMMS1 in GNU Radio

Question asked by daxez12 on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by travisfcollins

Hi, I'm trying to get a sine wave with the fmcomms1 but I'm having problems with the receiver because, like shown in the next image, I can't get it right.


Capture of time and frequency sink with fmcomms1 receiver


I'm using a simple flowgraph to plot the signal received


Flowgraph to receive signal


I tried the same with the fmcomms2 card and get this, it is not well tuned but I get something more alike a sine wave.


Capture of time and frequency sink with fmcomms2 receiver


My question is fmcomms1 needs additional signal processing after receiving samples? I have tried to set the parameters as it is done in fmcomms2_source block, but fmcomms1 lacks of a number of them and I suposse because of that could be necessary the additional signal processing.


Thank you.