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PicoZed SDR 2x2 TX/RX switching time

Question asked by LeroyKii on Feb 1, 2018
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I have implemented a TDD system using two PicoZed SDR 2x2 equipped with breakout carrier.


I'm experiencing a weird effect when one of them stops transmitting and start receiving.

The following figure is a capture from one of them where I highlighted TX and RX times. X Axis is time, Y Axis is 'Q' component. Vertical red lines represents slots (~15 ms duration each).



In the slots within the blue circle a signal slope component can be appreciated. I understand this could be some residual power after transmitting, but doesn't it last too long (roughly 3 slots = 45 ms)?


A similar one, a little zoomed in:


This effect is destroying the SNR of the 2 or 3 first receptions just after a transmission has taken place.