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All the available options for changing the LO frequency

Question asked by s.kannan on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by mhennerich

I want to know all the possible options for changing the LO frequency in ad9364.

From my knowledge, i)we can change the LO frequency by using the function ad9361_set_rx(or tx)_lo_freq - in case of using no-os driver.

ii)we can also use ctrl_in  pins to select the profiles(but this case is applicable only when you had already done the vco calibration and store the values in profiles. Here, I want to hop to a new frequency for the first time, so it won't be useful to me)

These are the methods I know for changing the LO frequency. Is there any other option available?

Am I missing any methods?

And it is not necessary that the method should be related to linux or no-os, it can be anything.

In case of using the ad9361_set_rx_lo_freq mentioned above, How many SPI write it may take to write the frequency?

I'm expecting that VCO calibration may take around 60us for TDD mode.