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Question asked by rumpel on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by RReeder

The EVAL-ADL5240 features an USB interface. It is somehow unclear on how one could communicate with it with software of our own. As I could gleam by having a quick look at the drivers, an unfortunate Cypress USB chip has to be spoken to on an extremely low level. Eventually there are 8 pins to be controlled on the ADL5240.

In what kind of time frame is the planned Analog Devices SDP board to be expected ? And what functionality is to be expected ?

In the meantime I'd prefer to feed my own SPI signal, perhaps through the connector to the future SDP board. Is it assumed, that the Cypress USB chip is high impedance while not connected, meaning I can just provide the signals required by the ADL5240 in a static manner, without an additional disable signal to the cypress ?