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AD9789 and mapper+SRRC

Question asked by sda7 on Nov 24, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2011 by danf

Hi, I explore the possibility of AD9789 and I did not get to use a chip embedded mapper and SRRC. Instead of strips of the spectrum, I see only the output sine with a frequency of NCO.To test it I built a DDS with FPGA and send to DAC the data in 8-bit wide real mode on 32-bit bus.I have connected all bus, clock and power.

After powerd on I have follow Page 62 to init DAC without any problem.


The DAC is so configured for CHANNELIZER MODE:


Fdac = 864 MHz


Foutput RF central = 338 MHz


Interpolator factor is 4 (2^2, Filter 2 = bypass,Filter 3 = bypass,Filter 4 = bypass)


DCO output fequency = 27 MHz (Fdacclk / 32)


FS buad rate is 6.75 MHz (P/Q = 1)

Download code as an attachment.

Please help my find the error.