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ADAU1452 RMS Compressor Coefficient Calculation

Question asked by emcnicholas on Jan 30, 2018



I am writing an app to control our DSP configuration on an ADAU1452. I have gotten to the point of controlling the RMS compressor but the GUI in relation to the coefficients seems incorrect.  I see from the code export that there are 54 data points even though the GUI states that there are 52 by default on the curve and the GUI would lead me to believe that the max data point is 21 and the min is 135.  To get a 3db delta between points there would be 52 despite what is in the code.  In analyzing the output from sigma studio when i set the line to flat that highest order data point is not 1 but .707 or 3db but at a flat curve it should be 1 not .707.  In reading the documentation on the Standard resolution with is not available in the mono configuration for the ADAU1452 it would seem it appears that the data points are evenly spaced.  Am I missing something or is there a flaw in the compressor logic?  Also as an aside the help bubble for the limiter block on pin 2 and 3 are swapped.



Ed McNicholas