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How to use AD9361 No-OS Setup

Question asked by jzAdaptrum on Jan 29, 2018
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I followed "AD9361 No-OS Setup" and met problem and would like to get help from you.


From above link, it seems to require HDL software and I followed next link , the HDL user guide

to get HDL from git,

and Build HDL from

My board is Xilinx Zed board, so I followed Xilinx section: Build your desired project, but I didn't find a project for

AD9361, following is all projects under HDL


which one should I use to build HDL?


Event I tried to make 

make -C projects/daq2/zc706

but there are errors


BTW, my build system is Windows10 and Xilinx SDK is 2017.4



Thank you