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ADuCM3029 MASSERASE with Write Protection

Question asked by aoc Employee on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by aoc


For the ADuCM3029, can you clarify whether the MASSERASE command can be used to erase all of flash userspace, even if some blocks are currently write protected?


The hardware reference manual states the following in the FLCC_WRPROT register section:


"...removing write protection can only be performed by an ERASEPAGE command of the most significant page in user space (provided that page is not currently protected) or by a MASSERASE command. Following a successful  MASSERASE command all protection of pages in user space is immediately cleared (user may write to user space immediately following such an erase without a device reset required)."


However, in the Write Protection section it states:


"MASSERASE command is disallowed if any of the bits in the FLCC_WRPROT register have been modified from the default value."


Thank you