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Doubt regarding fastlock profiling

Question asked by s.kannan on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by mhennerich

Is it possible to use the profiles calculated for a particular frequency in Rx PLL and transferring that profile to Tx and recalling that profile in TX PLL?

Let me show the steps:

echo 100000000 > out_altvoltage0_RX_LO_frequency

echo 0 > out_altvoltage0_RX_LO_fastlock_store

echo 0 > out_altvoltage0_RX_LO_fastlock_save

echo $(cat out_altvoltage0_RX_LO_fastlock_save) > out_altvoltage1_TX_LO_fastlock_load

echo 0 > out_altvoltage1_TX_LO_fastlock_recall


Now if I noticed the TX LO frequency, its giving 100000000 Hz exactly. Will this method work properly or is there any side effects for this?

Initially the Tx LO is in 71.51108MHz. But after this steps, it hopped correctly to 100MHz.

I tried it for frequencies ranging from 100MHz to 715MHz and its perfectly following.