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Question asked by Antonio_A on Jan 28, 2018
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For a part of my P.h. Degree I'm evaluating the propagation of measurement errors of MEMS, using from now an ADXL335 as experimental reference (using Z axis), in the reconstruction of speed and displacement by double integration, more precisely, evaluating the movement of a hydraulic cylinder.

Checking the datasheet I have doubts about some errors definition. Checking figures 5 and 17 of “Typical performance characteristics; N > 1000 for all typical performance plots, unless otherwise noted.” Shall I understand that it’s referred to repetitibility, i.e. a multiple measures of a single “typical” device or a sample of different devices, single typical measure? From my point of view it’s the first case but I need to be sure.

On the other hand, is any data available about hysteresis of measurement? More precisely, does sensitivity variation data exist between positive and negative acceleration measures?

Thank you on advance for any response. It will be very helpful for my research.