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Unable to place IDELAYCTRL primitive using Vivado non-project mode

Question asked by beamer.ce1 on Jan 27, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by CsomI


I have successfully used the hdl_2016_r1 release of the HDL library to control the AD9361 on a Xiliinx UltraScale FPGA device.  I have used the traiditional project-mode flow to generate bitstream files for the conventional and for the Tandem over PCIe (TPCIe) configuration method.  

Now I would like to generate the bitstreams for the Tandem with Field Updates configuration method which uses Tcl scripts in the Vivado non-project mode to synthesize, place, route and generate the necessary bitstream files.  But, I have run into a problem where the Vivado placer is failing to place the IDELAYCTRL primitive that is instantiaed in the ad_lvds_in.v source file.  For some unknown reason, when called from a Tcl script in non-project mode, the place_design tool fails to place this primitive into one of the BITSLICE_CONTROL resources even though there are plenty of those available very closely located to the AD9361 rx_frame signal pins where this placement is currently failing.

Has anyone else had problems implementing the hdl_2016_r1 library in a UltraScale FPGA using the Vivado non-project mode?  Right now the problem seems to be the IDELAYCTRL primitive but I suspect there may be more placement problems once this one is solved.

Any feedback and/or questions would  be appreciated.

- Brad