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Configure I2C in ADV7511 through PCA9548A

Question asked by xiaomingwang on Jan 25, 2018
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I was stuck in a display problem. My development kit is ZC706.

According to PCA9548A Product data sheet, ADV7511 Hardware Users Guide and ADV7511 Programming Guide, I want to configure I2C by writing master from PL like:

assign memory[0]  = 24'he80200;
assign memory[1]  = 24'h724110;

assign memory[15] = 24'h724c04;
assign memory[16] = 24'h724000;


Here are the first two configurations grabbed from ILA:

start     i2c mux addr     ack from mux        data            ack from mux    stop
   0           1110 1000          0                     0000 0010          0                     1


start     adv7511 addr     ACK        data                ACK            data          ACK      stop
0           0111 0010           0         0100 0001          0          0001 0000         0           1




From ILA, I can see that there are always ACK after I write those bytes to I2C. The weird thing is LCD does not respond at all which means that ADV7511 does not work properly. Does anyone have any suggestion? Thanks in advance.




Zicong Li