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Is an example HDMI Receive application available?

Question asked by cdsteinkuehler on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by mattp

I am working with an ADV7619 and trying to write a software application to "babysit" the HDMI input and report via call-back when events occur (cable plugged/unplugged, video format locked, video format changes, etc).  I have the ADV7619 "driver" (Src/RX/rx_lib.h) as described in the Receiver Library API guide (UG-557.pdf) as well as the code from the 8005 evaluation board which includes a MIDDLEWARE/REC app, but I do not have the actual 8005 evaluation board.


I have gotten as far as being able to compile the code and execute several of the app initialization routines, which results in quite a bit of I2C traffic, but the system does not seem to do anything further.  Even removing or attaching an HDMI source does not cause an event callback to be triggered.


I am wondering if there is a simple receive-only example application that uses the Receiver Library API and does not include all the repeater, mux, and Tx code that makes it very difficult to tell what the 8002_AVR app is actually doing.  I think having something simpler to use as a reference would help a lot!


NOTE: The application is essentially a converter box, accepting HDMI input which goes to an FPGA which then transmits the video in a custom format similar to SDI.  Essentially, I just need to be able to have the HDMI input automatically detect the incoming format and notify the code controlling the FPGA if anything changes, so the hardware can be adjusted accordingly.