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FMCDAQ2 AD9523 PLL2 vco range 2.9-3.1 or 3.6-4.0 Ghz

Question asked by cerasic on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by larsc

Hi all,

I see in No-OS release R2017_R1, the AD9523 is set to PLL2 vco range 2940-3100 Mhz which is conform to the datasheet  table 11. AD9523 rev C,  page 10  (over 63 pages).

While Table12. In datasheet AD9523 rev D, page 8 (over 60 pages) gives a PLL2 vco range 3600-4000 Mhz



Ist it possible to reconfigure the PLL2 for  3600-4000 Mhz ? and how  to do it ? or where can I find the information to choose the 3600-4000Mhz setting


Thanks for your support