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Does visual analog work if I change the code of fpga?

Question asked by Kimtaehyung on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by TonyM

I have question about visual analog.


My board is ad9613-250ebz and hsc-adc-evalcz


1. I used function generator (V peak 2.8V with 50MHZ ) for input. I programmed the virtex4 fpga based on "fifo 4-5 interposer" which I modified with 1 channel(when I was trying to do that, pin g15 the usb ifclk got an error for using diffrent clk)


and I used visual analog, none of the data(there was just one line at 0).


2. So I tried to default, with the visual analog. But when I did the default, the done led on. But at this time, visual analog shows nothing on fft graph.


3. So I wonder, if I change fpga at least once, can't I use visual analog for fft?