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ADV7511: Output Signal not in range

Question asked by Robert83 on Nov 23, 2011
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the Input Signal of the ADV7511 is 576i and the Output is send to an Monitor. The ADV7511 is in DVI mode and the Monitor displays the Signal correctly but shows the error message that the "Input Signal is not in range". Another Monitor displays nothing and shows the message that the Input Signal is out

of specification. The resolution of both Monitors is higher then the Input Signal. The configuration of ADV7511 is:


- 0x15 = 0x04 - Video Input = 8-bit YCbCr 4:2:2 with embedded syncs and clock = 2 x pixel rate

- 0x16 = 0x39 - Color Depth = 8-bit, Output Format = 4:4:4

- 0x17 = 0x61 - DE Generator enabled

- 0x35 to 0x3A - settings for DE Generation according Programming Guide Table 33

- 0x41[1] = 1 - Sync Adjustment enable

- 0xD7 to 0xDB - settings for Sync Adjustment according Programming Guide Table 34

- 0x30 to 0x34 - settings for embedded Sync Processing according Programming Guide Table 35

- 0x18 to 0x2F - Color Space Converter enable and Coefficients settings according Programming Guide Table 42

- 0x98,0x9A,0x9C,0x9D,0xA2,0xA3,0xE0,0xE0,0xF9 - settings according Quick Start Guide


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