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ADSP-21479, SPI Control Register

Question asked by nlsa001 on Nov 22, 2011
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I use ADSP-21479's SPI Port as a master SPI to connect external memories. I set DPI_1 as MOSI, DPI_2 as MISO, DPI_3 as SCLK and DPI_5 and DPI_6 as two selections.


When I run my code, I can see that SCLK and the selection work, but no data transfer. Then I checked the SPICTL register, I set the value on it is 0x002E7E25. When the develop board is reset, the MOSI data line keeps 70% high level(three state). When I checked the register by bits, I found when SPIEN=1 and SPIMS=1, the MOSI is changed from 70% high down to low. In my application, SPIMS and SPIEN must be set. I don't know what wong is in my setting.


Could please tell me what wrong about it? or tell me what I need to check?


Thanks a lot,