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AD9375 DPD Model Size

Question asked by yli_av on Jan 23, 2018
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In AD9375 User Guide UG992, the API MYKONOS_restoreDpdModel(mykonosDevice_t *device, mykonosTxChannels_t txChannel, uint8_t *modelDataBuffer, uint32_t modelNumberBytes)  requires modelNumberBytes to be 172 bytes per channel.   But the API source code (Ver. 3566) downloaded from link below,

AD9371/AD9375 Evaluation Software | Design Center | Analog Devices 


In Mykonos.c, it requires the modelNumberBytes  to be 182 bytes per channel (See below).


Which one is correct?



* \brief This function will allow loading of the DPD model file.
* This function writes a copy of the user's DPD model to ARM memory and instructs the ARM to install that DPD model
* into hardware. Note that initializing the device will over write DPD model data. Note that the DPD model being
* restored must match the PA for which it is configured. Restoring a DPD model to a different PA than for which it
* is configured will not yield the desired performance. The user is responsible to insure the DPD model matches the
* PA configuration.
* \param device Structure pointer to the Mykonos data structure containing settings
* \param txChannel Desired transmit channel to which to write the DPD model file (Valid ENUM type mykonosTxChannels_t: TX1 or TX2 or TX1_TX2)
* \param modelDataBuffer Pointer to the user buffer containing the history/model data to be loaded to a txChannel
* Valid sizes: 182 bytes for a single model load to either TX1 or TX2.
* 364 bytes for a dual model load to both TX1_TX2, where the TX1 model data will occupy the first 182 bytes
* and TX2 model data will occupy the second 182 bytes.
* \param modelNumberBytes Total buffer size of the user history/model data buffer. Allowed sizes are 182 bytes for TX1 or TX2 and
* 364 bytes for TX1_TX2.
* \retval MYKONOS_ERR_OK Function completed successfully
* \retval MYKONOS_ERR_RESTDPDMOD_WRONGBUFFERSIZE User suppled modelNumberBytes size is incorrect. TX1 or TX2 = 182, TX1_TX2 = 364
* \retval MYKONOS_ERR_RESTDPDMOD_INVALID_TXCHANNEL User supplied txChannel does not match TX1 or TX2 or TX1_TX2
* \retval MYKONOS_ERR_RESTDPDMOD_ARMERRFLAG ARM returned error for Set ARM Command
mykonosErr_t MYKONOS_restoreDpdModel(mykonosDevice_t *device, mykonosTxChannels_t txChannel, uint8_t *modelDataBuffer, uint32_t modelNumberBytes)