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HMC1033 LP6G Pad Size

Question asked by Hardware123 on Jan 23, 2018


When I compare the package pad-size of HMC830LP6G Datasheet (0.30 x 0.25 mm) with the package pad-size of HMC1033LP6G Datasheet (0.40 x 0.25 mm) there is a difference of 0.10 mm.

The Package Qualification Report of Package LP6G (QTR_2014-00368.pdf) says a package pad-size of 0.30 x 0.25 mm. This is the size of HMC830LP6G Datasheet.


What is the correct package pad-size of HMC1033LP6G? Is there a mistake in the datasheet or a derivation of the standard LP6G Package? If there is derivation of the standard LP6G Package, what is the correct Land-Pattern and Solder-Mask of HMC1033LP6G? I cannot find any references in the HMC1033LP6G Datasheet.


Thank you in advance!




Because I did not get any answer to my question, I measured the bottom pad-size of HMC1033LP6G by my self. The result is a length of 0.30 mm! Thus datasheet seems to be wrong.

Wrong size in datasheet:




Measured result: