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Keeping the AD9361 Fast AGC in locked state (5)

Question asked by mdanmark on Jan 23, 2018
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I have a couple of spectrum surveillance applications, where i want the AD9361 Fast AGC to lock and then stay locked until I flip the EN_AGC pin. I have followed the guidelines from Table 26 on page 46 in the reference manual (UG-570). However, once in a while when I'm calling ad9361_get_rx_rf_gain, I e.g. get "Failed to read gain, state m/c at (1/4/6(?))" - even though I prior to asking for the gain, already read the REG_FAST_ATTACK_STATE to check that it was in state 5.


Do anyone know if I need to set something else? I have found this question on this very forum, but I can't seem to read any solution to how I'm trying to use the AD9361. I can't understand, why the Fast AGC would unlock, if I have set the bits as specified in Table 26 in the reference manual.


I have attached my register map (readout of all registers when my code is running).


Hope someone can help me.


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