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EVAL-AD7616 Standalone Mode

Question asked by sbhall808 on Jan 23, 2018
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I've purchased an EVAL-AD7616 board to use as a proof of concept for the AD7616. I am required to operate this board in what the documentation refers to as "standalone" mode by using the broken out pins on J5. The device needs to operate in the Software mode described in the AD7616 datasheet. It looks like the proper way to set this up would be to set SER/PAR tied high, SER1W tied low (I only have 1 SPI wire), SCLK/CS/SDOA used as appropriate, the remaining DBx pins tied low, and the RESET pin tied high. I am using 5V for VCC connected through the J9 terminal connector, and 3.3v for VDrive connected through the J8 terminal connector. I have verified that the link positions are in the appropriate place to source power from the terminal connectors, and have verified that LK36-37 are in Position C to set the HW_RNGSELx pins to ground to enable Software mode. 


I have two issues:

1) The SER/PAR pin does not appear to be broken out on J5.

2) The chip never appears to power on after VCC and VDrive are applied, as 0 current is drawn through both of these pins (according to my power supply, which I have verified as functional). Additionally, the "PWR-GOOD" LED never lights up.


The documentation for the AD7616 Evaluation board is lacking in description on how to use the board in standalone mode. I would appreciate any help that someone more familiar with the hardware could give me regarding the correct set up for using this eval board in standalone mode with the serial interface. I require using the Evaluation board this way for my proof of concept, and time is not on my side currently. Please advise.