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EVAL-ADF4106 ADI int-N connection problem

Question asked by shinenuan on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by aandrews


I received the boards of SDP-S and  EVAL-ADF4106.I have some problem about connection between computer and the boards.First I installed the SDPDriver.exe and ADI Int-N software.But when I selected SDP board(black) and clicked connect button,It showed no device connect at the bottom of the window.

The pictures below are boards I bought and the error of ADI Int-N. Any help I will apperiate!

AND there isn't KB893803-v2x86.exe and dotnetfx35.exe in my CD which should be in CD according to user guide.There just are ADI_Int-N_Setup_v7_4_3.msi and some pdfs which even didn't have ADF4106 datasheet.