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FMCDAQ2 RX Number of Lanes (2 instead 4)

Question asked by cerasic on Jan 22, 2018
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Hi all,


I'm still stucking to find a solution to increase the DAC sample rate.
I use FMCDAQ2 R2017_R1 hdl and No-OS
{pls see Other Post FMCDAQ2 USING DACPLL
FMCDAQ2 ADC Decimation in mode ADC1Ghz-DAC1Ghz


The issue  seems  simple:
  my configuration  ADC 300Mhz & DAC 600Mhz  (My design is limited to 333 Mhz)
  I want just to increase the DAC sampling (for instance:  1Ghz or 1.2Ghz)
  I use only DDS mode
 First Trial: I used DACPLL (AD9144) :
        PLL AD9523 frequency is 4ghz/6    = 666 Mhz  (vco_diff_m1=5)
         ADC clock   666Mhz/2
         DAC clock = 1 Ghz comes from DACPLL that's driven by  reference clock 666Mhz from AD2523    
         DAC FPGA clock = 666 Mhz/4   becomes a problem ?     
        I wanted to ignore TX JESD204B, NO WAY,  because the DDS information comes through
         JESD204B  (the DDS setting in dac_core about phase, frequency, scaling)


Second Trial :
           Try   ADC 250Mhz & DAC 1000Mhz, and use only 2 Lanes  for RX JESD204B (to overcome the min. Lane rate)
           instead   m=2, l=4, f= 1  I use  m=2, l=2, f= 2
           it runs  without  error messages, no lock issue,  but no data is captured  (only zeros are captured) any suggestions to check ?
My question:  is it possible to set 2 lanes in the sofware AD9680 Reg 0x570 
[see     ad9680_spi_write(dev, AD9680_REG_JESD204B_QUICK_CONFIG, 0x49);    // m=2, l=2, f= 2
  without changing the Hardware ?
 Thank you for your help
             Kind Regards