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Automatic update of TO_ALERT bit

Question asked by s.kannan on Jan 22, 2018
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I tried to emulate ENSM level mode through GPIO using shell script. The functionality of the code is described below:

Step 1: TXNRX =1 enable = 0  -> in alert state

Step 2: TXNRX =1 enable = 1 -> moved to TX state with LO frequency of 300MHz

Step 3: TXNRX =1 enable = 1 -> while the state machine was still in Tx mode, the Tx LO is hopped to 470MHz

Step 4: TXNRX =1 enable = 0 -> I expect the state should move back to Alert state


But the problem is that the ENSM moved to SLEEP state instead of ALERT. I'm facing this problem only when calib_mode is in auto and the frequency is hopped more than 100MHz.

So to cross check, with the help of direct_reg_access, I access the 0x14 reg. and it is in the value 0x19 at Step 1 but it changed to 0x38 at Step 4(indicating TO_ALERT bit is cleared. Hence, moving back to sleep state instead of alert state)


I'm facing this situation only when both calib_mode is in auto and frequency hop more than 100MHz. If any one of this is not satisfied, this problem won't arise.


why is the TO_ALERT bit automatically changed when frequency is hopped more than 100MHz and calib_mode is in auto?

If I'm using fast lock profiles instead of writing the LO frequency, then I don't face this issue.