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AD9361+ZedBoard+fmcomms3 remote linux host

Question asked by iccsai on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by iccsai

Hello, I'm newbie in GNU Radio and Analog devices, I'm trying tu run the fm-transmitter example script on a linux host machine but i cant get the Zedboard to do anything.


I Have succesfully compiled and installed gnuradio using pybombs, libiio, libad9361-iio, gr-iio and iio oscilloscope using this instructions GNU Radio [Analog Devices Wiki] .

The iio oscilloscope works perfectly on the linux host machine connecting to the zedboard via LAN, but when i try to execute the GNU radio scripts the only error I get is "Error:failed to enable real-time scheduling." and the script seems to execute but it doesn't do anything on the Zedboard.


I'm attaching an image of my sink configuration, I hope anyone can help me with my problem.