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USBi firmware bug?

Question asked by rkn on Jan 19, 2018
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yesterday evening I investigated my massive problems with programming the selfboot EEPROM 25AA1024 on an ADAU1452 further and I think it is bug in the USBi firmware or in SigmaStudio. Therefore, I am opening a new thread.


I am trying to program though the DSP and the DSP connected via I2C to the USBi connector.

When I start the programming process I see some clock edges on the SCL line while SigmaStudio is downloading the programmer software. But as soon as it changes to "Configure master port" there are no edges on the SCL line anymore and the SCL line stays low forever. And it does not recover from this state anymore. Even not by pressing "Link compile download" or by trying to read/write a register. Well that explains why it is not possible to program the selfboot EEPROM: The i2c bus is idle.

This happens with SigmaStudio 3.15 and 3.16.

I tried to reinstall the driver with both: 3.15 and 3.15. After completing the device driver installation it just says, "Ready to use" in the status column. But no success. The same behaviour in the SCL line.

To bad, this makes the USBi programming option useless.

How can this be fixed?