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ADL5240 - DVGA Repeated Random Failures Observed

Question asked by sugu89 on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by RReeder
We are using your DVGA part ADL5240 for our 1GHz application at Below input levels.
Maximum Input Power to AMPIN: +14.5dBm (where as Absolute MAX in datasheet is +16 dBm)
Operating Frequency : 1 GHz
Supply : +5 V @ 93 mA
We are facing random this DVGA failure in our module ( 2 times) without exceeding any of datasheet  absolute maximum ranges.
After failure DVGA ( AMP gain reduced by 40dB) we checked drain current of Amplifier using series DCR and it is around 15mA only.

Since this a second random failure in our total 10 nos of assembled module ( only two got failed )


We have attached DVGA section  Schematics  for your reference.
Kindly provide suspected root cause for the failure of DVGA and suggest a solution to resolve the issue to proceed further.