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AD8001AR Haven't got AD measurements results

Question asked by AlexRoss on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by JinoL

Hello Guys,


We were testing AD8001AR and there is a parameter ‘-3dB small signal bandwidth’ in electrical specification in datasheet of AD8001. For AD8001AR it measured in conditions  G=+1, <0.1dB Peaking, RF=845 Ohm, TA=+25°C, VS=±5V, RL=100 Ohm The task is to get the factory measurements. I’ve tried to measure it with the self-made boards but condition wasn’t achieved. The peaking is about 3-7dB @ 250-350MРz every time.  It seem so that feedback circuit have too much inductance for it. However a length of feedback trace is shorter, equal or longer than the length of  feedback trace at Analog’s EB for different samples of boards.


The question is does Analog use any additional elements for mutching the circuit like СF or CL  and if it so which one?


Please, see the attached pics of measurement results, testing pcb's and connection diagram.