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ADXL343 after PowerCycle all I2C-Register not writeable, only readable

Question asked by analogJunkie on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by jwang

I have a PCB with the ADXL343 in I2C-Mode. The most time, it works without problems. But sometimes after a powercycle, all registers of the ADXL343 are only readable and not writeable, so i am not able to configure the device correct. The initialisation for this device, on power on, looks as follows:


register   value

0x2C         0x08

0x31         0x0B

0x2D         0x08

0x38         0x40

and then reading out the data-registers 0x32 to 0x37 will start


This problem occurs not only on 1 device, so i don't think that the ADXL343 has a hardware-defect.


If the ADXL343 is in the "failure-mode", the register looks like this:

register   value

0x2C         0x0A

0x31         0x00

0x2D         0x00

0x38         0x08

and i am not able to reconfigure it!


And also there are values in the offset-register, which nobody has written into it:

register   value

0x1D         0x20   -> not ok

0x1E         0x00   -> is ok

0x1F         0x04   -> not ok



The device-ID (0xE5) could be read without problems in this "failure-mode".


Known issues?

What could be the mistake?


thx Gerald