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ARM Mailbox Busy with custom profile

Question asked by epiq-meaghan on Jan 17, 2018
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I am running on custom hardware with both the AD9528 and AD9371.  I am attempting to configure the sample rate for both receive and transmit to 104Msps.  I have generated and validated the AD9528 settings and confirmed that the AD9528 is generating a proper 104MHz clock.  I then generated a profile using the Filter Wizard v1.10 that attempts to configure the IQ Rate to 104Msps.  The generated profile is attached.  When attempting to load this profile via the MYKONOS_initialize() API, I receive the following error when attempting to load the firmware:


ERROR: [0] 256: ARM Mailbox Busy. Command not executed in MYKONOS_sendArmCommand()


Can anyone provide more insight on what may be causing this specific error message and what may be invalid or incorrect with the profile configuration?