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Question about multi-chip synchronization of AD9361 in wireless Power transmit application

Question asked by Se-woong on Jan 17, 2018
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My customer, Metarpas, are considering to use AD9361 to their wireless Power transmit application.

And for this, they should synchronize over 4 AD9361 devices.

(First, they make 4Tx4R application in this project and they finally extend this solution to support 32Tx32R application.)

So they need help for synchronizing 4 AD9361 devices.


They are already find below link in ADI wiki site.


As the contents in this link, ADI can support the synchronization of BBPLL and digital sections.

And there is no RF synchronization.

So they need your help about this RF synchronization.


Q1) Would you let me know how to implement the RF synchronization of 4 AD9361 (including use ADI EVM)?


Q2) About RF Phase difference section In above wiki link, would you advise how to measure the range of RF phase difference and how to implement this measuring method in FPGA (or other controller)?


Q3) If they can use 4 AD9361 without RF synchronization,  can they transmit low amount of data (under 100Kbps) with 20MHz BW at 5.8GHz?

   The reason of using AD9361 is the transmitting Power and small data, so they assume they don’t need RF synchronization.

  Would you advise them about why RF synchronization they should use?


Q4) Would you recommend a switch and PA solution with using AD9361 at 5.8GHz?



Please let me know.