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AD7193 DOUT reads 0xFFFFFF alternatively

Question asked by Technopac on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by JellenieR


I'm using AD7193 in my project for connecting to a load cell. I have used only one load cell and hence only one channel.

I have kept AD7193 in continuous conversion mode and connected RDY pin to interrupt pin of my microcontroller.

Once the interrupt is activated, I have programmed to read the RDY bit of status register and then the data register.

I expect on RDY pin interrupt, Status register RDY bit will also be set.

But status register read sometime  returns 0xFF, sometimes RDY bit not set and sometimes RDY bit set.

Once successful RDY bit status, then I read the data register. Every alternate data register read returns 0xFFFFFF. Every alternate data register read returns correct value.


Kindly let us know,


why status bit RDY is not set even after RDY interrupt?

why status register returns 0xFF?

why data register returns 0xFFFFFF on every alternate read?