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amplifying AC signal's voltage to 90V to modulate Amplitude modulator

Question asked by uunhyung on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by krisf

I have a question about power amplifiers
I am trying to amplify the RF signal into an Amplitude Electro-optic modulator with a Half wave voltage (Vpi) of 90V using the power amplifiers.
The waveform of the RF signal I want to use is a ramp function, and the frequency is 300KHz.
home page states that the power amplifiers can operate up to 200V.
Is it possible to amplify a Ramp function signal with a frequency of about 300KHz to 90V with this product?
In short, I want to know if I can amplify the AC component RF signal up to 90V.


I would like to know if the power amplifiers products are suitable for the application mentioned above.
If you have any other recommended products, please reply.