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ADV7181D: YPbPr to RGB 12bit DDR troubles with signal

Question asked by majtanm on Jan 12, 2018
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I am working on a system that is supposed to take analog video from Sony FCB-H11 (YPbPr) and decode it into 12bit DDR RGB signal that is later processed into HDMI. The Chip used for encoding into HDMI is TFP410 from TI.


The state of the video right now is that I can see outlines of objects the camera is aiming at but the colors are crazy and the picture is flickering (this might be caused by the neon light in the office). I attached a picture of the output. I think that the the TFP is set up correctly since it doesn't have issues with showing the blue screen of ADV7181D.


The registers of ADV7181D that I setup:

- input control (0x00) set to 0x09 - 1001 for YPbPr

- primary mdoe (0x05) set to 0x01 - for Component Video

- video standard (0x06) set to 0x0C - for HD 1125 1X1 input from the camera that outputs 1080i/59.94

- adi control 2 (0x1D) set to 0x40 - 28MHz crystal since I am using 28,63636MHz crystal

- CP output selection (0x6B) set to 0x84 - 12bit DDR output and DE pin connected to FIELD pin


My question is this just corrupted video signal on the PCB or is it something in the settings of ADV7181D?


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