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ADIS16480 - Reliance on Inertial Frame/Location in Space

Question asked by Sushanth on Jan 12, 2018
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We have a queries on other than above,  give me some feedback about below 


1.     We are planning to use ADIS16480 for attitude information for a student satellite. The Datasheet (Page No: 22) defines the quaternion output with respect to ENU frame. As the spacecraft travels in its orbit, the ENU frame undergoes continuous change of orientation with respect to ECI (Earth Centered Inertial) frame. In the absence of any user input regarding the spacecraft position and velocity information, how the data in ENU frame is computed and quaternion with respect to ENU is defined?

We have not seen any user input provision regarding spacecraft position/velocity or any other information in the datasheet.

The question arises whether the device ADIS16480 can be used for satellite attitude information using the quaternion input mentioned.

2.     ADIS16480 provides an option to display the alarm status when the magnitudes of gyroscope and magnetometer data cross the user defined threshold values. The question is whether these alarms are just cautionary indicators, or do we observe changes in the IMU data (gyro data, magnetometer data) by its enabling and disabling?