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SPDIF design of ADV7511 and ADV7842

Question asked by Mentor on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by MikeOC

Dear Sir,


    I have a S/PDIF input and output application (list below),


1. S/PDIF input from RCA connector and connect into ADV7511 to combine video data and transfer to HDMI output.

2. ADV7842 send a S/PDIF audio to RCA connector.


   My question is what the voltage is in S/PDIF of two HDMI chip? And have any reference design about S/PDIF? I don't see any reference design in EVM, the EVM only connect the S/PDIF pin to pin header connector.


   Note: In RCA connector side, the S/PDIF is 0.5Vpp. For some chip input application, the S/PDIF signal is  transfered from 0.5Vpp to TTL level and connect from connector to chip pin.  I feel confuse about ADV7511 and ADV7842~~ is TTL level or 0.5Vpp level?