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ADV7481 with CVBS bringup issues

Question asked by SainC on Jan 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by Poornima
background: when we open the cvbs camera with ADV7481/CVBS, there is some preview in the camera application, but the preview is broken and is rolling and we can see the broken preview is changing while we change the scene for cvbs camera. you can check the screen(cvbs_preview_screenshot.png in attach) and recording(cvbs_preview_screenrecord.mp4 in attach). and I dump the YUV in the backend(CVBS_p_640x480_82.yuv in attach), it's the same with the preview shows.
the questons are here:
1. could you help to check the cvbs register setting? it's in the attached file: cvbs_setting.txt in attach.
2. what the output of adv7481 cvbs? it's still interlaced data or progressive scanning data?
3. we try to use 2 different cvbs cameras to check the current driver, the both of 2 cvbs cameras' preview are still broken. but those 2 cameras can preview well on another device which the driver is not adv7481. and the logs shows the input cannot be locked(log: log-kernel.txt in attach), so, that would impact the preview, right?