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Analog to Digital Conversion ADuCRF101

Question asked by eixei on Nov 21, 2011
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Hello everybody,

I'm working in a RF system with ADuCRF101 which consists in a one-way communication for voice between two micros (one is working as a receiver and the other one as a transceiver). In the datasheet I have found that it's only posible to make ADC conversion and not DAC. Do you know how is it possible to do DAC?


Another question is, which code should I write for making ADC working?

In the datasheet it appears how to set it, so i have created a function that i don't know how to fill.


void ADC   (void)
    ADCCON = 0x00;                    //These two lines of code are for the settings
    ADCCFG = 0x0A0C;



Could somebody help me with it?
Thanks a lot in advance.