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ADIS16475-3 Failed Data Capture (over an extended period of time)

Question asked by AXP46 on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by NevadaMark

When trying to take a large amount of data (9000 seconds || 2.5 hours), the ADIS16475-3 with the EVAL-ADIS2 is unable to do so.


While at a sample rate of 512 samples per second, at some random amount of time after I initiate a data capture, the device becomes "disconnected" and unable to continue the data acquisition process. As a note, I am only recording x, y, and z data (16-Bit) for each accelerometer and gyroscope. 


I did try capturing 32-Bit data, but this same error would occur but in less time (<30 minutes).


To work around this, I have been taking smaller samples (5 individual 30 minute files). Once the DUT and eval board stop working, the entire IMU evaluation software package must be terminated and the USB connection unplugged for normal operation to re-establish. 


I am using the EVAL-ADIS2 evaluation board in conjunction with the ADIS16475-3 breakout board.


Any help would or explanation would be very appreciated!