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ADV7604 AFE Map undocumented registers?

Question asked by SharatRao on Jan 11, 2018
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I am using ADV7604 for DVI and VGA inputs. I wanted to switch between the two. When I switch from VGA to DVI, it works fine. However, when I switch from DVI to VGA I only get a black screen. (Not the default blue colour). 


I noticed that the DVI script has the following two lines which power down the ADCs


4C 00 FF ; Power Down ADC's and there associated clocks
4C 01 FE ; Power down ref buffer/bandgap/clamps/sync strippers/input mux/output buffer


However, I could not find the register 0x01 in 0x4C (AFE map) in any documentation.


So two questions:

1) How do I switch from DVI source to VGA source.

2) What about the register 0x01 in AFE map?



Sharat Rao