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AD5678 and AD7193: Problem while using simultaneously.

Question asked by mahendra on Nov 21, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2011 by MaryMc


         I just started work on controller and don't have much knowledge.

         I'm using AD7193 and AD5678 for controlling action with LPC2148.

I'm facing a problem while using both ic’s simultaneously. Separately both IC's work proper but when i try to run them together there is some problem.

1. For DAC1 if i gave count less than 32500 (i.e.1.3V DAC out at 2.5Vref) the ADC stops working and out will be all high otherwise (i.e. if DAC input data is between 32500 to 65535) both IC's are working properly.

2. Same code is not working if data send to DAC0 even for data more than 32500.

3. Same code work properly for DAC7 channel for all values.


Please Help!!