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ADRV9364 with NO OS:  Cannot write to SD Card

Question asked by SirJanA on Jan 10, 2018
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I am trying to write to the SD Card via NO OS.  I am using the 8 GB samsung micro sd card that it comes with (reformatted blank to FAT32).  I can create a file using ff.h but I cannot write to it.  It says  FR_INT_ERR, /* (2) Assertion failed */.


From here it says: AR# 61064: 2014.1- Zynq-7000- How to use Write Protect and Card Detect Signals with Micro-SD/SD Card? 


For a Micro-SD card, the Write protect (WPn) signal is not present (does not exist) at the SD card slot as well as at the physical card in the form of a switch button like in a standard SD/SDIO card. 
Define the MIO/EMIO dummy signal with an external pull-down 1K ohm resistor to ensure that the Micro-SD card will be in Write Enable mode, otherwise the Micro-SD card will be in Write Protect mode.


I do not see a 1K ohm resistor on that pin.  Have you guys tried writing to an SD card using your board?  Please let me know.  Thank you.