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MT-211 had mis-discription.

Question asked by SK01 Employee on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by Gauzz

It was the description about Diode name in Page 1.

“ To understand the operation of the full wave rectifier, assume that the theoretical op amp and diodes have no forward voltage. For negative input voltages, the output of U1 tries to go positive, which turns D1 on and D2 off. Assuming a short for D1 (on in this condition), this holds the output at ground potential, since the action of the op amp (U1) forces the input voltages of the op amp to the same level.

For positive input voltages, the output goes negative, D2 turns on, and D1 turns off. The output of U1 then acts as an inverting amplifier (see MT-213) with gain set by R2/R1.”


I thought Turn-on/off of Diode names were opposite in this description for new figures.

Could you give your comment for this point?