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How much the sampling time to measure the xIRMS, xVRMS, xWATT of ADE9000?

Question asked by ghsung on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by Gary.Kang.AnalogDevices

Hi, I'm using ADE9000.


I read datasheet about sampling time becuase I wonder how long will it take to measure xIRMS, xVRMS, xWATT register.


First, I saw the Update Rates of the datasheet.

It said all the xIRMS, xVRMS, xWATT updates every 8ksps.

It means, ADE9000 is sampling every 125us(1/8000).

But the RMS is the root mean square value of AC input, so it couldn't be calculated with only 1 sample.


Next, I found the sentence "The filter based rms has a bandwidth of 3.2 kHz".

But I'm not sure whether the bandwidth is related with sampling time or not.


Here's my question.

How many samples does it get or how long does it take to measure RMS value?

124us? Or 3.2kHz(312us)? Or something else?