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Questions about ADL5513 input and output waveforms

Question asked by on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by jdobler

Using ADL5513 datasheet recommended circuit.ADL5513 9-foot voltage stability in 0.868V, from the IC 2-pin input of two waveforms. "A" class input waveform and output waveform changes little.The "B" type waveform output signal is 5 times times the input signal.Now the two waveforms are shown below. Please help to analyze what might be the cause?Thank you!!(Waveform input  "rfin", waveform output  "vout"; the frequency of the two input waveforms is different)"A" class in,±40mv"A" class out,±20mv"A" class in,100ns time."A" class out,100ns time."A" class in,10ns time."A" class out,10ns time."B" class in,+60mv,1us time."B" class out,+250mv  1us time."B" class in,+60mv  100ns time."B" class out,+250mv  100ns time.