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ADuCM350 Evaluation Board UART Handshaking Error 

Question asked by TNguyen on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by TNguyen

I have a problem with “ADuCM350 Evaluation Board UART Handshaking Error ”
-    I try to measure 100KOhm resistor by using 2-wire configuration with “Switch Mux Config Board”
-    I remove K10, K11, K12 for just connect the AFE3 & AFE4 to 100K.
-    If I let AFE3 & AFE4 open when hit “Go” button then the GUI response and give the “Inf” value in the “Measured Unknown Impedance Magnitude” box.
-    If I connect 100k to AFE3 & AFE4 then GUI comebacks with “UART Handshaking Error” window.

Please helps, thanks