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Can ADV7441A_AD9388A support 720P@30Hz DVI input

Question asked by Employee on Jan 9, 2018
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Hi Video AE

Our customer Hik want to update their video reciever product, which integrate AD9388, to support 720P@30Hz DVI input.

When customer set below registers as "ADV7441A_AD9388A_Setting_Recommendations_RevM.pdf" 2.3.2 requirement

After writing these registers, customer read back to check. customer found that, 0x06[7:5] returns right value. 3'b010.

But, 0xB7[6] returns wrong value 1'b0. customer read back 0xB7,User Map, it return 0x00.

We din't find the description about  0xB7, User Map, cp_i2c_vsync_id_range in AD9388A_SW_RevC.pdf.


Questions are as below:

Can customer write 0xB7?

Could you share the description about 0xB7 in detal?

Do you have recommend setting list for 720P@30Hz HDMI/DVI input?


Thank you very much