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Has anybody ever tried to measure the Earth rotation with ADIS16460?

Question asked by generalissimus1966 on Jan 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by generalissimus1966

I tried to check the possibilty of the Earth rotation rate measure. I cannibalized old HDD to prepare the rotating table, attached the device to the plate, and performed the series of recordings, turning the device by 180° every 75 seconds, after 10 rotations the results were calculated. 15 series of 10 rotations each were recorded.

Certainly i could catch only horizontal component (vertical is invisible due to linear acceleration effect), i.e. i need to multiply the value by the cos(55.75°). The latitude of my office is 55.75°.

Can you bet the average measured value and STDEV for 15 series of 10 rotations each?

Do you think this research worth writing an artice?