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Program crash when shutdown hostapp.exe

Question asked by superccxin on Nov 18, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2011 by superccxin

Hi all, we're recently doing a project bases on H264_MPEncoder-BF-Rel3.0.0_PROD(we got the demo code from ADI FAE), and we got some issues on USB module.

The usbio.c included in the demo project supports some methods(open, close, read, write...) which are used for communicating with the host(hostapp.exe on windows). Everything works ok until we shutdown the hostapp.exe constrainedly(we have to consider this situation). The program on DSP crash! It came into the disassembly code: __BEGIN__.P103L44L and never came out. A few codes ahead of __BEGIN__.P103L44L is _TransmitDataBuffer.

we want to receive command messages from host asynchronously instead of waiting. Are there any demo codes to that way or any advices to help us?


OH, ths DSP is BF548.


Thanks for all replies!