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Multiple measurements AFE loop or sequence?

Question asked by CDiego on Jan 5, 2018
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 I'd to take multiple 4 wire measurements without changing the channels, so far the solutions that I could come up were these:


1. Create a for loop to run adi_AFE_RunSequence multiple times. Indicating to which part of a data storage array it should write in each iteration.


2. Create a sequence in which once I get the first measurement, I enable the ADC conversion, wait 13ms, disable it, and then enable it and so on... until I get all the measurements.


I think the first one would be a slow solution since it would be constantly calling the adi_AFE_RunSequence function. While the second would require multiple lines of the same code, and say for example that I need to take 1000 measurements the code would be a mess and I'm assuming the size of the FIFO would not allow me to get that far.


Is there a workaround for this type of problem? should I create a custom adi_AFE_RunSequence?


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